Storing jewellery can become a hassle sometimes — especially if you have loads and loads of glittering pieces. Arranging your jewellery is a common problem that we're now here to solve for you! Here’s how to keep your trinkets organised, protected, and ready to wear.

1. Sort your Jewellery into Categories

One of the first steps for keeping your jewellery organised is to sort your baubles into categories. Examples of categories are rings, necklaces, and bracelets, or alternatively, gold, silver, and diamonds etc. This not only looks neat and arranged, but will help you to find what you need to wear quicker!

2. Using Hooks for Necklaces

Another creative way is to use hanging hooks for your necklaces, particularly if you have many long ones which get tangled and wound up all over your drawers. Using wall space and hanging jewellery on hooks can be just the solution for you!

3. Choose Jewellery Boxes with Soft Linings

There are a lot of plastic and wooden jewellery boxes out there, but for delicate jewelry, find something that has a soft fabric lining. This way, if you quickly deposit your trinkets in the box after a long day, there is no risk of damaging them, and more importantly, no risk of your rings and earrings ending up under beds or carpets!

Of course, there are many more ways to choose from when it comes to storing jewellery. To know more tips, read this informative article. These are just the ones we picked and found the most useful! Go ahead and browse from our range of jewellery designs, to add more sparkle and style to your collection!

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