We at Zuzaz strongly believe in quality and customer satisfaction. The jewellery we sell is approved by well-known testing bodies, such as SGS and CTT, clearly certifying our items to be of the best quality in the market.

Zuzaz jewellery is also exclusively made from environmentally friendly metals, like copper alloy, ensuring the safety and sustainability of planet Earth, while still providing our customers with the shine and glamour they need.

While we do our best to ensure customer satisfaction and deliver the best quality, it is important to take care of your purchased jewellery and handle it gently at all times. To help you know how to best deal with your jewellery, here is some advice:

  • A cotton cloth is best for polishing the jewellery and keeping it clean.
  • It is recommended to remove the jewellery when engaged in heavy manual work or while taking a shower.
  • When not wearing, seal jewellery and store in a cool place without direct sunlight.
  • If a skin allergy forms, please stop wearing the jewellery immediately.

As a member of Zuzaz, I have worn and tested the jewellery myself, and can assure every customer that our items are designed for multi-day and overnight use. Even while showering, no significant harm comes to any of the jewellery pieces, and erosion might occur only in the extremist of cases. With that said, it is still essential to clean and polish your jewellery frequently, to avoid formation of bacteria, as mentioned above.

Explore our varied collection of jewellery designs and find the perfect fit for every occasion — whether it be weddings, anniversaries or simple birthday parties, we have you covered!

Best wishes